Sunday, March 29, 2009

Julio's, Flashlight Party, Mommy

Julio's is a small Mexican restaurant tucked away next to Quack's on 43rd & Duval. My first time coming here was probably around a year ago and I've only ordered one thing since then... and by looking at my picture, I'm sure you know why. Their chicken nachos are kind of the best thing ever. I still have 2/3 of it left over because it's that humongous. I'm pretty sure they use Mexican mozzarella cheese for their nachos ... which is SO yummy. You can get some at H-E-B... it looks like a big ball of cheese. And then their chicken is super tender ... and with the beans and chips, it's just delicious. If you live in Austin and like to call yourself knowledgeable about Mexican food ... then hold your tongue until you try this place. It's my favorite. :) Remember to bring cash too.

some pictures from Flashlight Party. More to be uploaded to the flickr.

Lastly, an unfinished drawing of my mommy... I've been working on it. Yup!


I am going on a picnic tomorrow during my break from work #1 cuz the weather is gonna be awwwwesome!