Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Incredible Moses Leroy - Fuzzy

And you are
soft and cuddly
and you are
warm and fuzzy

Lonely blue eyed
nazi prom queen
Bruised knuckle boy
tired of crawling

Lets paint the town red
like Carrie
because I am your I am your toy
foxy lady

And you are
bright and starry
I'm not that bad
just got lucky

and heaven and heaven can wait
I'm standing
You on my shoulder

And you are
soft and fuzzy
and you are
truly lovely

You are
my itchy sweater
you are
my lovely love get-ter





Anonymous said...

I have heard this song many times but never knew who sang it. Thanks for this.

PS.-I returned the favor and added you to my blogroll. Thanks for the add. Much obliged. ;)

Reagan said...

THis is delightful.