Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Britney Spears and Pacman Donuts

Monday night I ventured to Dallas with Karinne after working at both jobs. The drive was relatively smooth until maybe around Waxahachie when some cloud decided to wreak havoc on my car to the point of where I couldn't see at all and my brights only made it worse and I might have well been driving underwater and could have still thought I was above ground. This all lasted probably 5 minutes. It was bizarre. Yeah, Texas!

We finally make it into Dallas and up to my neck of the woods... I show her where the Dr. Pepper headquarters are and I feel warm feelings and happiness all around, hehe. Then we go to my house and pass out.

In the morning, I have to run some errands up in Frisco and we stop by Mug & Mouse. I have always disliked this place because it's got a shitty name and shitty decor. Everytime I heard someone reference it, I thought they said Muggin' Mouse ... which sounded like a ghetto Chuck E. Cheese ... which is already lame. But this time they had Pacman donuts ... and I was like ... awessssssomeee.

sick donut.

And then of course, the real reason why we were in Dallas:

BRITNEY!!! Haha, you can barely tell but... yay! She's totally back. Totally. Oh man.

In honor of her comeback:
>> Britney Spears - Womanizer


Don't make me go alone, pleasey!




Trash Can Age said...
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Trash Can Age said...

You're from the Dallas area?! I'm from Allen. Unfortunately. But now my family lives in Frisco. It's crazy how much shit that place has now. I definitely save my shopping money for North Park. (Oops. Sorry about the double commenting, haha).