Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bao zi.

My dad woke me up early today so we could go to Carrefour before we had to pick up my sister. Carrefour is a French supermarket. I didn't know that when I first came here last time, but after going to France ... I now know haha. Anyhow, it's HUGE. And beneath it is a humongous food court where I had some ok wontons and potstickers.

Little man and man toh.

Little man in lots of rice.

Anyway we got my sister and then headed downtown. We live in Pudong which means ... East ... of the Huang Pu River. And we had to cross the huge bridge to get to West Shanghai. Anddd... so we got to see all the tall buildings from the taxi window. As you can see, the tall building on the left is the Jin Mao Tower. The last time I came it was the tallest building in Shanghai. I think. Anyway. Obviously, now it isn't. It has been trumped by a huge bottle opener. HAHA. Anyway, the Japanese designed this new "tallest" building to look like two knives. But I think they were confused. But regardless, once it is finished, it will be the tallest building in the world... for probably a few months. I think they are building a taller one somewhere else. Probably in Dubai.

Then we headed to probably one of the nicest areas in Shanghai. It is right off Huaihai Road where the Chinese hid (for some reason ... I don't remember)... and one of the first Communist buildings/meeting places is there. It was a red building. Just thought I'd throw that in. But anyway, it's all been transformed into pretty much a nice pedestrian area where all the nice restaurants and shops are... fashioned much after the streets of Paris. For all of you in DFW, just think The Shops... ha. Most of the restaurants were not Asian and there were tons of foreigners there.

We visited our condo that we have which looks over this place. Nice, I guess. Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever live there... poo poo. But the kitchen is very cute.

And then we ate at one of the most famous bao zi restaurants. We go there everytime we're in Taipei. They are world famous for their bao zi (steamed pork buns) and their dumplings. In fact, named one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world, maybe? Anyway, now they have them all over the world ... one in Shanghai. But, of course, the original is in Taipei. It was yummyyy. I have tried to find a good bao zi place in Austin. I found one that is okay ... I think it's called Asia Cafe and it's in the back of a Chinese market ... but they aren't very juicy and the dough is still thick.

And tomorrow, we go to Beijing. Hoorayyy.

Little girl wearing CROCS, oh no. But it's ok because it looks cute on kids.

Sigh, until next time.


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wong Da Zhong.

Boo boo... no pictures this time. For some reason, I brought the wrong USB cord... but I don't know how that could have happened! I only have one! Puzzling. And I packed all my things and put it all into storage, so there's no chance of finding that thing when I get back... double shit. Le sigh. Unfortunately, the pics are on my SLR and that memory card doesn't fit into this computer's slot. LAME. We'll figure something out... but for now, it's all text babyyy. I'll put lots of emoticons to make up for it :( Poopie.

So, the trend here in China is ... Crocs. (barf, choke, barf barf barf, die) For those of you who know me... i fucking hate Crocs. They're probably the ugliest shoes to ever have been invented. UNLESS you're a little kid or a baby. Then, it's ok. Converses are also quite popular but those are phasing out and they don't wear them quite right. GOD, it's so sad. Everyone from babies to grannies think Crocs are the shit. They're so cool, they make fake Crocs. Comfort shouldn't always be fashionable. That is all I have to say!

I was on a packed subway on the way back from dinner with my mom and dad at The Hilton (which was nice because I had a glass of wine with my dad AND coffee) ... and I was like man, I don't see anyone wearing Crocs yet! Success! Then I look down and the person sitting beneath me is wearing asphalt-colored Crocs. Ew.
That's all I really have to say right now.
People in China should drink more Dr. Pepper and stop wearing Crocs.

<3 Frances

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ni hao Shanghai... Lol.

in Shanghai, China.
technically, I'm in Pudong.

Little man in Shanghai.

People in China and Europe really need to learn to drink more Dr. Pepper. Even people in America. It's so much better. You don't even know. Sigh.

And then jump off.

he he.

It's very hot and humid here.
I wish I spoke better Chinese...
I do think I like Taiwan a lot better.
It's just so much cleaner and... less hazy.

But we'll see.
I'm talking to Angela and Jennifer on gmail.
Angela is leaving Beijing a day before I get there.

Ratatat and Girl Talk tickets are both $15 each.


Ok I'll update more later.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Au Revoir.

A lot has happened since Amsterdam. In fact, I'm not even in Europe anymore.

The last week was a busy one... trying to stuff everything in the last minute. It was really hard trying to do all that and then try to focus on getting a good grade as well. Because who thinks about that when you're in fucking Paris? But, hopefully all went well.

Our professor, Raj, took us out to this pedestrian bridge by Notre Dame. It was so nice, cuz no one was really walking on it. It was just filled with people sitting in circles, drinking wine and eating cheese. It was right as the sun was setting and it was just bittersweet. Plus, the Fat Tire Bike Tour kept going past us. Hey!

Princessa, Franny Pack, and Bon Qui Qui

Some of us went to the Luxembourg gardens, which I hadn't seen yet. It's so gorgeous. People just go there to read, chat, picnic, people watch, be seen... I wish we had somewhere like that in Austin. I mean, Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake should I say...) is somewhat like that, I guess... but not. I wish we just had somewhere where we could watch people all day. You'd be surprised how entertaining it is, haha.

Rachel and Lauryn @ Luxembourg Gardens

Yea we went to a couple nightclubs too. The first one, The Duplex, was pretty nice. The only thing was we left before it got too busy because we didn't want to miss the metro. And... yeah. The crowd was a little older and the music was okay.

The second we went to was Le Mix which was pretty sweet! It was free to get into if you were foreign... haha.
Rachel bustin' out the dance moves...

We were all nicely buzzed from chatting in front of the Eiffel Tower beforehand. The only bad part was thinking my wallet got stolen. Oh god.

A blue Eiffel Tower marking the reign of
French President Sarkozy as President of the EU

But anyway, the best/worst day was coming home. It was such a pain trying to find the Roissybus to get to CDG. There were no signs at the Opera metro stop... it ended up being behind the Opera building. Who knew? By then, we were running a little late... thank god we left earlier than we meant to. We get to CDG and they have the American Airlines flights split up into lines. So mine was Dallas and Chicago. And it was a fucking long-ass line. So... finally, after standing in it for an hour... with 40 minutes left before my flight... I finally get checked in. And then security takes forever because the workers are on strike (what?! apparently they do this once a week) and... yeah. I get on the plane 3 minutes before the close boarding and leave the gate. AHH.

Eventually I make it to Austin and my baby. :)
It was so good to see him, sigh. Which made it the best day ever.
And he got me a new Uglydoll, which was so awesome... if you know me.
And I had Mexican food, so I was even happier.
And la la la :)

Target and Yours truly... Patate...

It's so weird though being back here. Driving. Calling. Texting. Air Conditioning. Having a shower head. Being able to access Perez Hilton. Sleeping in. Eating Mexican food. Eating Asian food. Eating American food.

I miss all the good wine and good company!! :( I miss taking the metro to school, eating green beans at the cafeteria and getting free water, taking naps after class, stalking people from our window, gyros & falafels, raspberry gelato, nutella and banana crepes, good beer, going places...


Home is home. There's no denying it.

But it looks like I will be going to Shanghai... my dad somehow pulled some strings and got the city of Shanghai to send me an official invitation... HAHA. Visa... yes.