Monday, March 9, 2009

SXSW Select.

With all the shows finally confirming, I've prioritized... and these are the shows I am super pumped for. I hope I'll get around to most of them... can you believe it's so soon?! (more to be added):

Vice Saves Texas
sad poster :(

Levi's & Fader Fort

Gorilla vs. Booze III
The flyer is enough to make me want to go.

Japan Preview Show
that's what's up.
Paste Magazine
both days look amazing. be sure to RSVP.

Mess With Texas 3
this was my favorite event last year, so what does that tell you?

Knuckle Rumbler
The lineup is already amazing, I can't imagine who the Special Guest is... plus free Sweet Leaf! lol.


Quack Media & Found Magazine

Sat. 3/21 11:30pm-5am, partyyy
Special Guest: Starts with a MS ends with a FT & DJ Klever

Under the Radar
I just want to see this band that is trying to be me...




Charlene said...

under the radar looks so good! camera obscura/loney dear are ace. but is it better than the pitchfork showcase? I CAN'T DECIDE

frances said...

well... there's a possibility you could get a sweet backpack.

Cheyenne said...

I know ! Third Eye Blind is my FAVORITE... they're coming for SX !!