Friday, March 6, 2009

True Texas Fashion

In the words of my boss, I got up "stupid early" this morning to work an event called the Cowboy Breakfast to kick off the Austin Rodeo. And by "stupid early" I mean before 5 am. It was pretty much a huge free breakfast at Auditorium Shores which was awesome! The crowd was a mix of cowboys and homeless people. There were some random Asians. I was like what are you doing here? And then I looked at myself. But anyway, there was some noticeably trend-setting fashion, ladies and gentlemen.

Here we have the true outlaws. I can't see the detail closely enough, but if the guy on the left isn't wearing a bolo tie I'm sure he owns one. Button up vests? And the patterns on their dress shirts! So stylish. Plus, beards automatically make you cooler in anybody's book.

Scary farmer-wife cow-woman! I don't know if this is a cute picture or a scary picture. You tell me. Would you want that cow standing outside your window?

What a great shirt. And then after I took this picture, his wife came up wearing the same shirt and a high-waisted denim long skirt. Wow.

This lady is by far the winner. Do I even need to explain myself? She seems so happy, what could possibly be wrong with her outfit?

Where is Charlie's head!!!!

The end.

And for those of you who are too dense, most of this was sarcasm. I just really hope you don't walk away from this entry taking me seriously. That would just be ... bad.


I think I'm getting sick.



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