Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Woodland - Austin Restaurant Week

Rachel, Karinne, and I decided to go to the Woodland located on S. Congress instead because it was cheaper and I just feel like Louie's 106 may have just been too stuffy of an environment for us. Anyway, it was really yummy. And excuse these shitty pictures, I don't know how to use my new point-and-shoot. It's retarded ... or maybe I am. I'm a lot better with complicated cameras, haha.

Pork Empanadas
I actually think these were my favorite. It seemed like we all liked our appetizers the best... to the point of where we didn't want to share. Haha! It reminded me of those curry-stuffed dumplings, but with really soft pork instead. Yum.

Meatloaf w/ mashed potatoes & green beans
Ordering this made me feel super American... haha. But since I'm Asian too, I never eat this shit. Anyway, it was pretty good. It was a little dry I thought. I wish there had been more of a sauce. It wasn't gourmet by any means and I don't think it was supposed to be...I think it's more of just a comfort dish. How can you make gourmet meatloaf? Is there such a thing?

Chocolate Cream Pie
As you can see, this restaurant is all kinds of unhealthy. It's interesting... now that I think of Louie 106's menu which consisted of like... tuna tartare, racks of lamb, and some fancy fish dishes... and stuff haha. But this fit more into my neighborhood of eating... and it was good. I like fruity pies better, but this was still really good. I think they specialize in pies to some degree or something, because they had a ton to choose from. I want to be a pie maker.

Anyway, there you have it. My first Austin Restaurant Week experience. It was a nice way to end a somewhat hectic day of finding out someone had drilled a hole into my car window and shattered it, then stolen my ipod, then ran to class frazzled to turn in a marketing paper, and then having to take an essay test explaining why I want to be a woman in Salem during the witch trials... yeah.

John Lennon - Oh Yoko

Until next time!




Molo said...

restaurant week is the greatest invention ever

christine marie said...

pobrecita! sad day about the car. i'd imagine i would feel a bit murderous. hehe

i've never ordered meat loaf. not once! i'm not really sure why.

Anonymous said...

Drilled a hole into your car window?
WTF? So messed up. The Woodlands looks pretty good! I'll have to try it sometime.