Monday, March 23, 2009


what's next? i want to go to pitchfork in july. :)

Bands I caught at SXSW:
  • Flosstradamus - finally caught this act despite the fact that they've come 10,000 times in the past year. mi mal.
  • Ringo Deathstarr - when are they going to be a big deal? i'm waiting!
  • The Von Bondies - pretty horrible
  • Peter Bjorn & John - even worse. they had to restart maybe 3 times. and they took an ungodly amount of time to set up. and started late. i wanted to die.
  • Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down - she makes me want to be in a band. i guess i do feel the asian connection, i'm not going to lie. we could be cousins.
  • Passion Pit - uh, marry me? i have a feeling they won't stay very big for very long though. :(
  • 3OH3! - i don't even care to look up how to spell this band's name. i was forced to watch them while waiting for Andrew Bird. i wonder if this is how my mom used to feel about my music when purevolume used to be cool.
  • Meat Puppets - why did they play after above-mentioned band? a completely different crowd... obviously.
  • Gomez - once again, completely different crowd. but great performance.
  • Andrew Bird - i died, and revived myself, and died again.
  • Crystal Stilts - first time to hear this band and i thought they were pretty amazing. the sound was great inside the tiny tiny room... like echoing through my brain cells.
  • Little Boots - super cute
  • The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - pretty okay. once again, i want to be in a band.
  • The School of Seven Bells - i think the girl guitarist models for AA. pretty sure.
  • Third Eye Blind - they didn't play Semi-Charmed Life, what's up with that? It's ok, it's still fucking 3EB.
  • Wavves - hipster hyped, but i surely enjoyed it. Sho 'nuf definitely helped out the show.
  • Mika Miko - i was laughing at this girl's poodle jacket and poodle purse until i realized she was also in the band
  • No Age - mosh pit
  • Soft Pack / Muslims - i liked them. but i can't get over the fact that my hamburger cost as much as a beer. or maybe i should say the beer cost as much as the hamburger... ok it was $5. that's fucked up.
  • Ladyhawke - tiffany, is this where you got your blog name?
  • Solange - hm. i think this is about the point in time where i was starting to pass out...

lol yep.




. said...

ringo deathstarr is good, they sound exactly like the jesus and mary chain to me...but i guess thats a good thing.

Tiffany Diane said...

Hahahaha, maybe, I'm surprised people don't ask me that more often. I mean there was the documentary "Paris is Burning" about drag queens in underground NY culture, but the song did pretty much do it for me. I love me some Ladyhawke.

Andy O'Connor said...

There was a put during No Age? LOL

Trash Can Age said...

Wow - that is quite a lineup. I wish I had seen even half of those bands. Incl. Deathstarr, who I should've have seen already, living in Austin an all...

frances said...

andy: yeah! hahaha it was kind of nuts. i didn't participate though.

trash can age: you should definitely check out ringo. :)