Monday, March 2, 2009

Austin Kite Festival

Just wanted to get some of these on here before I have something else to post about, haha... which is going to be my Restaurant Week experience #1 tomorrow at Louie's 106. Stay tuned.

Might I add, I tried Kebabilicious for the first time at this amazing event. And it was AMAZING. Awesome. I intend to get it more often when I'm downtown... woohoo.

Also, an exciting headliner for Forty Acres Fest has been confirmed. I will tell you when I'm allowed to. EEK!

Animal Collective - Bluish




Charlene said...

I know who it is too :) I'm just glad it's someone I'm remotely interested in!

Anonymous said...

bluish is so good. im really curious to find out who is headlining...