Thursday, December 25, 2008

fashion faceoff.

When it really comes down to basics like these... well, the label vs. your pocket...

Old Navy Buffalo-Check Flannel Shirt $24.50 3.1 Phillip Lim Plaid Boyfriend Shirt $250

American Apparel Melange Jersey Pocket Skirt $30 A.P.C. Bow Pocket Skirt $290

Silence & Noise Moto Zip Matte Legging $58 Les Chiffoniers Leather Leggings $955


Caught this baby at Northpark today. It started out pretty slow but then it got really intense when they finally cut down to the chase. Really a strange character... movies like these about controversial people are always awkward because it forces you to try to understand where they came from... and then you start to feel sympathetic and then you begin to feel guilty for feeling sympathetic because you're really supposed to hate them because they kind of fucked everything up. So I guess, it worked... because it did get me thinking in the other direction. It started to make me question... meh, well Michael Sheen did a really good job playing Nixon because his voice was creepy as hell.


Oh and apparently I'm an advertisement.

Wahhh!!! Weird!



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