Monday, December 22, 2008

My Christmas Wishlist: Bearded Guy, Two-Tone, Velvet, Kate, and Jill.

My Wishlist:

Either Or Tights. (pictured on left).
A $14 rendition of the Chanel tights on the right. Sold at

Species by the Thousands - Bearded Guy Sweatshirt
This is like... too sweet for words. They also have a 70's Guy one.

ASOS - Motel Drape Button Through Floral Tulip Skirt
I've been looking for the perfect tulip skirt... there are so many cute ones. But this one is really a good deal, I think. And it is sooooo cutesy... haha.

Dr. Martens 1914 14-Eye Boot in White

Jill Stuart Sasha Dress
It's almost spring...?
Everything at is currently 55% for the next 24 hours. private55.
And this is on there! Along with this amazing red Marc by Marc Jacobs peacoat, but... yeah.

Members Only Velvet Leggings in Pewter
These leggings are on my must-haves. The only reason I haven't bought them yet is because they're fucking $88. BUT, along with the Jill Stuart dress listed above, these are also on and they are currently 55% off. So really they're like around the $40 range. Which I guess... sigh. AHH THEY ARE SO GREAT!

Kate Spade 2009 Small Desk Calendar
Dear Kate Spade, I want to be you. You are the classiest woman alive and I really like lobsters too. I heard your daughter's name is Frances... but I promise I'm not creepy. But I really really really am obsessed with you because you're kate... and you make amazing everything. <3

Happy Christmas!



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