Saturday, December 20, 2008


Caught this flick today at the Angelika in Dallas. DOUBT. It was really good and I think a lot of people thought it was funny. I didn't think it was that funny. I think it was all the old people sitting around me that thought it was funny. I guess it's humor beyond me. Anyhow, I thought Meryl Streep did a really good job at being a bitch. I think she's really good at playing a bitch! She's especially scary when she doesn't wear make-up. Like, in that scene in The Devil Wears Prada where she is in Paris with Anne Hathaway for Fashion Week but she had just found out her husband wanted a divorce... and she was scary-looking? Yeah, Meryl Streep definitely makes for a mean scary nun. The end left me a little confused though, about who did what ... but then I guess that's the point of the movie... is that you don't know what people do, so you start to doubt. And then it makes us all go crazy. Ahh!!! Go watch it.


And I shall leave you with a picture from our work party... where I found out Rachel had been lying to me this ENTIRE time about who she got for Secret Santa!! Turns out she had me. And she made me tell her who I had. And I told her the truth. BAH!! Anyway, I ended up with the LOLcats book (YAY!!) and a new Uglydoll keychain, appropriately named Puglee, since both of mine broke/disappeared. :(


By the way, I tried Sushi Sake in Richardson... I had been hearing "amazing" things about it. Ok, it wasn't that bad. They had good service. But... they had no rolls with avocado or cream cheese. What? And their spicy tuna wasn't spicy. The best is when there is spicy mayonnaise on top of the sushi roll (asian mayo mixed with sriracha)... you can get some of that goodness at Silhouette in Austin or Naan in Plano/Allen. And they didn't even have Spicy Salmon. But they DID have the Volcano Roll which is my FAVORITE... but it wasn't spicy either, wtf! I hate when they say sushi is spicy but it isn't. hahaha. And then they were out of green tea ice cream. Lame. But ... it wasn't bad sushi. It just didn't fare up to what everyone made it out to be.

Sigh, until next time.


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