Sunday, December 14, 2008


Caught Milk on Friday at the Alamo Ritz. I'd just recently written an article about domestic partner benefits at UT and hearing testimonies from people who are really affected by the inequality... really made me interested in watching this. It was a really good movie ... it left me pretty teary-eyed, ha ha. James Franco and Emile Hirsch really were the icing on the cake. As much as I love Diego Luna, his character was unbelievable obnoxious... I couldn't stand it. I was almost glad when he hung himself, haha. Question... How much weight did Sean Penn have to lose to play this movie?! He was so petite! I can't believe I'm even saying that. Sean Penn was petite. He played the part really well. I think people have taken to evaluating good acting as playing a part that is totally unlike yourself. Once-stoner ... beefy Sean Penn ... as a petite gay activist makes for a delectable treat. The Prop 6 outrage runs almost parallel to Prop 8... the Christian church being the main force against Prop 6 and ... the Mormon church as a huge force against Prop 8. It's all very interesting. You think we're progressing, but there are still so many people out there who honestly truly hate to accept. What's your deeeeeeeal. Sigh. Anyway, go watch the movie. It will leave you in a good deep state of thought... wishing you could do something for someone... whatever it is. Yay?

Speaking of discrimination against gays, check out Austin Style Watch's awesome post about Mohawk speaking out against Ice Cube's opener.


Anyway, still recuperating from this weekend's craziness.
I will post pictures later... from my now-broken camera. :( SAD.

And if you were driving a car Friday night on 7th and Red River and you happened to hit a biker and drove off, you should be glad your parents love you because no one else should. HA!!




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talk about crazy weekend! afterparties are dangerous.