Sunday, December 7, 2008

A.P.C. wears your jeans for you. How nice.

The French clothing label that is kind of a big deal if you wear it here in the states, none other than A.P.C., has a new denim line called "Butler Worn Out". Basically, instead of you having to break into your new jeans and make them look worn-in, someone else is going to do it for you and you can buy them new... already old! It's kind of laughable, but the thing is, I am almost positive someone will go crazy for these ... premium pairs of denim that have been so personally broken-in by someone else's ass. I mean, if I was given a pair, I would probably be excited. But that's because I'm too poor to own anything from A.P.C. at this point, anyhow. Soon enough, though... soon enough.

Premium ass-rubbed denim. Yummy!


I tried Guero's for the first time on Saturday. Why haven't I been there in my past 3 years in Austin, I don't know... I always wanted to be one of the people sitting on the patio ... but I don't have a big dog... and it seems like you need to have a big dog to fit in. Anyway, nothing was really that memorable except their spicy spicy spicy red salsa. Yummmz.

But whilst in SoCo... spotted this super-cute graffiti.

Very cute octopus.

And then later that night I saw this really crazy house with really intense Christmas lights up on Windsor.

And then I dressed my cat up as Santa.

Charlie Claus.

Yeeees my life is awesome.



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