Wednesday, May 27, 2009

L to the AAAAA

2 trips to Cali in one month.


i also caught Rudo y Cursi with Kathryn @ the luxurious Dobie. The whole storyline of brothers being brothers but also vying to be better than the other ... made me wonder if Carlos Cuaron had any awkward tension with his brother, Alfonso Cuaron, as his producer ... anyway you should go see it. Diego and Gael. muy sabroso. I think Diego was cuter in this movie. Just sayin'.

Lastly, I must have this!!!! I've had my little "jitterbug" for years now ... as Elliott calls our dinky phones. And it's about time Sprint gets a nice phone ... much less a phone that's supposedly the most hyped phone of 2009 and better than all other phones ... All I care about really is the fact that it is cute and it looks like an egg and I want to pet it ... ha. Palm Pre, I want you. :(




seepy girl said...

I just saw Amores Perros last night. Looove Gael.

I am thinking about getting the Palm Pre 'cos I have credit for a phone upgrade. It does look super cute.

frances said...

i have still yet to watch that!

and yea i think i have an upgrade too.