Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh Hai.

Sorry I am so MIA... I'm currently on hiatus in Dallas where all you can do is read a book or spend money... fuck!

Anyway some things for you to look forward to:
  • I intend to redo this blog. It looks like poopoo. I'm just too lazy. Will someone teach me HTML? I only know how to bold things. And put in images. Hehe.
  • Pictures of my new finds ... See by Chloe, some amazing sample AA pleated shorts omg, and mommy's closet. And I am pretty sure I'm not keeping all of this shit so I'm either going to sell it on here, shoesandyourmom, or I'm going to start my own Ebay store ... sigh. Keep your eye out?
  • I'm going to make risotto next week ... I'll probably blog about that ... seeing how all I blog about is food, shoes, and Lost. hm.

lol! so true.



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