Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sampaio and Heath Bar goodness

I went to Sampaio on Friday for my friend Angela's birthday. It's a Brazilian restaurant next to Blue Star Cafeteria up on Burnet and 45th. I really like the area. They have some good vintage shops up there and restaurants like Hey Cupcake! and Omelettry. I got my tattoo done up there too and scored a $10 vintage Polaroid camera, so woohoo.

Anyway, what did I think about it? The waiter was definitely very attentive. I thought caiprinha I ordered tasted like a non-frozen margarita. And the frozen ones tasted like margaritas. I'm confused what the difference is? They were pretty good though nonetheless.

I ordered the Sesame Crusted Salmon, which was sitting in a spicy coconut tomato broth that was amazing. It reminded me a lot of thai curry, haha. I got my good fill of curry this week anyway at Clay Pit yesterday. I've decided tikka masala could probably be my last meal on earth. Anywho, Angela's pork tenderloin in a spicy cherry sauce was pretty damn good too. It came with some risotto that was the special for that day which wasn't very good... atleast not as good as FINO's.

Sesame Crusted Salmon

Then me, Jen, and Kathryn made a cake for Angela.. which consisted of two layers of yellow cake... chocolate Kahlua frosting and crumbled Heath bar on top. It was pretty satisfying to the taste buds and unsatisfying to the thighs, which i guess means it was good!


angela sneaking a drink

bonus picture!!! kitty love.




Austin Eavesdropper said...

A) PURDY food photography, lady!

B) I also like that little area of Burnet Road! It's slowly become tres adorable, non? Have you ever been inside Home Girls?

C) ALSO love the bonus photo. :) Yay hugging kitties!!

frances said...

no what is that?!