Monday, June 1, 2009

On the road again

I accompanied Charlene on the road to LA this past weekend because she needed someone to drive with her there to move-in before her amazing internship with TOMS (yay!). I snapped a few pictures along the way ... nothing too special. I wish I could have gotten closer to those windmills... and I really wanted a badass picture of a cactus, but every time I saw a good one we drove by it too fast and it was gone. Sigh! I read today in Elle magazine on the plane about families who live in "food deserts" ... and that is exactly what the roadtrip was. Low income families ... such as those who live in these ghost towns along I-10 ... can't afford to buy healthier food ... especially since there really is nothing else there besides KFC and Taco Bell. What is one to do!? Plant your own garden in the desert?

In regard to locally produced food, I got some yummy pesto at the farmers market in LA ... it's called Goober Pesto and it's good and spicy. I made spicy chicken pesto pasta tonight and it was so yum. Much better than KFC. And if anyone knows, I hate Taco Bell. Taco Bueno is more bueno, duh.

Anyway, first day of my internship with the Statesman tomorrow! Wee!

More pictures on the flickr.




Charlene said...

charlie smells

Tiffany Diane said...

I really like that first photo.

Statesman? Wow, I am impressed. What are you doing for them?

frances said...

Marketing stuff. Woohoooo.