Thursday, May 14, 2009

Who is John Locke?

As always, Paste has a funny review about last night's LOST episode.

Here are some of my questions:
1. Who is John Locke? Is someone possessing him? Is he dead? Can he be dead and alive at the same time?
2. What time period was the beginning of the episode with Jacob and his friend? They were dressed ... hinting to ancient times with the roped belts and linen tunics ... not to mention a complete insane statue, not just a foot ... and the boat had actual sails like the fucking Mayflower.
3. Is Juliet dead?
4. What language was Richard speaking when he answered "what lies in the shadow of the statue?"
5. The book that Jacob was reading: Everything that Rises must Converge by Flannery O'Connor ... right when Locke fell. What does that mean?! Time must converge? Or Locke's risen body must converge with someone elses? So he is still Locke but he's also someone else?




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Anonymous said...

1. He is either possessed by or shapeshifted from Jacob's friend/enemy from the beginning. That's why Jacob talked to him like he was an old friend.

2. The time period where Mayflower type boats existed. :)

3. I think she's dead. The explosion happened, thus preventing the plane crash, but Juila was already on the island before the plane crash.

4. Latin?

5. I think the Locke that rose from the dead was not Locke at all, but Jacob's friend from beginning of episode.