Thursday, April 23, 2009

Counter Cafe & Art City Austin

I vowed not to eat out this week, but obviously I couldn't do it. Why is it so hard? I have been making some bomb stir-fry though. I have been so obsessed with Sriracha lately, that I've simply just fallen into a black hole of spicy sauces. I don't even know how to eat non-spicy anymore! Well, that's not true. But I do have my fair share of chili oil and now Zen's Spicy Sauce (thanks Karinne) to play around with ... sigh.

But anyway, I ate at Counter Cafe today with Karinne and had myself a non-spicy amazing vegetarian sandwich. No, I'm not vegetarian. It just tastes good sometimes. I like to pretend I am one sometimes so people will think I'm trendy. No, I'm kidding. You can still be cool and eat chicken, friends. Just don't eat lobsters!! Like the one below. This was tied to someone's bike basket outside of the cafe. How sad!

Sad lobster.

We also went over to Emerald's afterward since it's right nextdoor. When did their shoe collection get so shitty? I mean, it wasn't horrible, but it wasn't anything spectacular. They used to have such great brands. Where did my beloved Jeffrey Campbell go? Boohoo.

Lastly, I will be working this event all weekend. Come and check it out and pay me a visit. Yay!

Beck - Chemtrails



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