Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh Sriracha

oh sriracha
you make my heart sing
i like to put you on everything
in between two slices of bread
with turkey and cheese
and cilantro and carrots
on my chicken
on my turnip cake, what? yeah...
in my noodles
you leave my mouth on fire
to where i can barely breathe
and it hurts a lot
but it's a good hurt
i like it
i used to not like you because you look weird
but obviously i've gotten over it
i'm really glad about that
sometimes i can't get the top open
but then i get it open and i'm happy
my mom bought me an extra bottle of you
so i won't run out
because h-e-b was out of stock of you
and i can't deal with that!
please don't ever change
i need you
love you sriracha



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