Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bennu is the new Epoch


1. They don't play obnoxious music. As much as I love Epoch, there is always the chance that some crazy gypsy music or a soundtrack from a musical will be blasting to the point of where you can't concentrate and your ipod headphones will not suffice. Granted, I love musicals and bands that I love to sing along to like Queen and whatever, but when I need to get things done ... man I can't focus! Bennu was playing some good jams, and it wasn't all sleepy music shit either, so no worries.

2. They have more drink choices and special coffee drinks. I always either order an iced coffee (or iced mojo from Epoch) or a regular coffee, but from the looks of what other people got, their mochas seem pretty intense.

3. They have yummier cookies.

This chocolate one was delish. I had a peanut butter one at Epoch the other day and was very unsatisfied. It was hard and crusty. Those 2 words should only be used for a crab.

4. Their couches don't sink to where you can feel the springs underneath your butt. And they have more than 2 couches.

5. They have plenty of outlets everywhere. So you don't have to worry about stretching your cord to one and tripping everyone.

The only bad thing was the internet was cutting out a lot, but I figure that's because they just opened and are getting things settled. I'm sure, since internet is probably the single most important thing in keeping customers there, they'll fix that asap. Otherwise, it was pretty packed for having opened so recently! It's a bit smaller than Epoch, so the seating is more limited, but I gather you can find a place to squeeze yourself in.

Oh and their bathrooms have chalkboards in them. How interactive, haha. I guess you can think about what you want to contribute while you pee.

Be sure to check out this 24-hour coffeeshop goodness on E. MLK. It's right after the light at Poquito on your right.


*** So update from the owner of Bennu (how exciting!). She told me that by Friday/Saturday there should be a second network for users to log into which should help out the internet situation immensely. And they're getting more tables, chairs, and bar stools to accommodate more seating. Yay. I think I'm actually about to go there right now to study for Business Law, so whoop whoop.




Risa said...

i want the plate that cookie on. i like pretty plates

Risa said...

omg i can't type, i can't believe i still stay up all night like in college

Karinne said...

dude! I totally would have gone with you... You do know I was being sarcastic when I said no, right?
Now I know why epoch has felt so lonely recently..... :(