Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where is the spiciest salsa in Austin?

The English translation for this dim sum dish doesn't sound very appetizing (turnip cake).
But it is the best! This one is from Get Sum Dim Sum on N. Lamar.

Tacos Selene on 7th & Chicon has THE spiciest salsa. it is the green creamy salsa.
Tacodeli has nothing on this salsa... nothing. Not to mention, this place is extra close to all those
hip new bars on the East side, especially Liberty. It's open until like 3 am and it is amazing. Love. Cash only, obviously.

Thinking of putting my cat on the South Beach Diet.

I get bored when I go home to Plano. This is my old room I had in high school. Yeah, wow. But I am in LOVE with these amazing Samantha Pleet shorts I got from Buy Definition. They are amazing. And the creme crop top is also my favorite new article of clothing from AA.

Pretty flowers, yay. :)



(this blog is slowly dying from no love ... sorry. maybe i'll fix that situation soon.)

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Tiffany Diane said...

I love luo buo gao. I don't know if that pinying was any good, but I am seriously craving that now. GET SUMMMM