Monday, August 17, 2009


So my new internship comes with certain perks, including going to these fun food blogger events such as this one hosted by Gumbo's.

This martini that I can't remember the name of was way too strong for my taste. In addition, the sugar encrusted rim was distracting and annoying. I think this is a good example of presentation overkill.

This crab cake was great! The sauce reminded me of the spicy mayo that many sushi places use. I'm wondering if it is the same thing ... generally, they use Japanese mayo mixed with Sriracha. It looked and tasted the same. I thought it was great with the crab cake.

I generally don't like mussels or oysters but this was really good. The oyster was barely noticeable, which is the way I like it.

It seemed that the grand consensus on this dish was the excellence of the sauce. It was excellent, haha. The redfish itself was rather bland and forgettable. Not to mention, I just feel like blackened foods is probably the worst thing you can do to food (sorry, I'm at a Cajun restaurant... obviously this should be expected, but whatever)... why would you want to slightly burn food? I would only do that to a smore.

This slice of steak was really good, except for the fact that I only had a fork that couldn't cut this large slice of meat... so I had to stuff it in my mouth and look like a complete pig in front of a bunch of other elite foodists ... great for them, bad for me!

Great bread pudding, but how can you really make bad bread pudding. I mean, if you make bread pudding and keep it warm and put some ice cream on top, I think anyone will like it unless they're retarded.

Those are my thoughts. If you want Cajun, definitely go check this place out because I'm not sure where else to go in Austin! I've heard of the opening of Shuck Shack on E. Cesar Chavez, but have yet to hear much else about it! I'm excited to try it out when I get back from maple leaf land.