Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I travel a lot. This time I went to Canada.

And so it goes:

Niagara Falls

Our funny blue ponchos: grandma and mom

Celebrating sister's bday w/ a moose head

Amazing steamed dumplings at Mother's Dumplings in Toronto's Chinatown

Green onion pancake!

Boiled pork and chive dumplings.

Kid portrait artist on Kensington. He drew like a little kid. It made it more endearing.

Homeless stuffed cat. Sad. :(

Amazing amazing amazing art gallery in Montreal.

Mommy outside of Yves Laroche.

Love this photo of naked mannis. Have a couple more on the Flickr.

Part of Parliament in Ottawa.

Lobster Bisque at Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City. No I did not eat this... I don't eat lobsters!

Golden shot of an Asian tourist doing his best Asian tourist pose.

Poutine! We need one here in Austin! I hereby announce that any food stand in Austin that starts selling poutine has stolen my idea. Because I thought of it! It's the only thing that's left! Besides dim sum and dumplings. Oh wait, those are my ideas too. He he.

My collection of candy bars. This is a tradition for me when I go to Canada ... especially Aero, my favorite.

Grandma eating a hot dog ha ha. So cute... her feet can barely touch the ground.

Also, I have started a new blog called The Nom Nom ... nothing's on it now, but I will tell you more as it develops. Can you guess what it's about? ... I will be transferring my food posts to that blog and from here on, all my food posts will be on that. :)