Monday, August 10, 2009

We Fuse is Le Fresh!

I went with my friend Karinne to WeFuse last Friday before going to the Drafthouse to catch Julie & Julia, which was adorable by the way ... and we caught them before they closed! Turns out Jon, the owner, is Karinne's friend and he treated us to some pleasingly fresh dishes. I forget how good fresh fruit and veggies are. Why?!

Karinne ordered this Pear, Walnut, and Blue Cheese salad ... I had a few nibbles and wow. First of all, all the salad is definitely a bang for your buck. Second of all, the pairing of all the flavors topped with balsalmic vinaigrette (probably my favorite salad dressing) was awesome. I don't think of salads as healthy options. I think of them as real deal meals cuz they are darn good!

I ordered the Tuna Tataki with Avocado, Cucumber, and Seaweed Salad. Wow! Do you see that red sliver of sauce? Yeah, that's right ... it's Sriracha. And as all humans should know, Sriracha is an ingredient that should be integrated into everyone's diet. Why? Because it makes everything taste that much better, seriously. But anyway, the seaweed salad was just right. The cucumbers added a nice crunch to the softness of the fresh tuna. And the avocado was a nice textural balance as well ... kind of like sushi without the rice and seaweed paper ... and much bigger. Ha.

And finally, a non grape sangria! It's watermelon grapefruit sangria! Yeah, dude. This is gold. I think they make different fresh fruit juices/sangrias/concoctions every now and then ... and I'm not sure if they are on the menu or if they are free or if they are just ... secret? But yeah, definitely ask and see if they have this when you go!

Anyway, We Fuse is open generally for lunch. He said it gets packed in there, so I'd go early and snag a seat as the place isn't that big. It's located downtown at 2nd and Brazos. Get it.


PLEASE listen to this. It's amazing. This band is.
King Tuff - Sun Medallion




DalenaVintage said...

yum yum! that looks absolutely delicious...think i might have to try that out this weekend :)

frances said...

it's sooo fresh, you have to go!

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