Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mamboberry: SoCo's foodstand cure for heatstroke

Austin has been swept with froyo... forget TCBY on MLK ... who goes there anymore? That is fake froyo. I'm talking about real froyo like Yogurt Planet and newly opened Swirll on The Drag. But you know what has been around the longest? None other than Mamboberry! I first caught wind of this place from my coworker at Sweet Leaf last semester while I was interning there ... but never got the chance to check the place out. Now that they've permanently planted themselves on South Congress next to the other foodstands such as Hey Cupcake! and The Mighty Cone and it's goddamn hot outside ... I decided to give them a try.

our Mamboberrys ... I got green tea w/ cap'n crunch, blueberries, and chocolate chips. She got tart w/ cap'n crunch and strawberries.

the Mamboberry menu ... they have tamales too?! yep. And if their no egg tofu salad sandwich is the same as Jo's, I can vouch for its goodness.

Do you see that ungodly amount of toppings? Do you want to know why? It's because if you mentioned their twitter, you got unlimited toppings. yes!

Follow them @mamboberry and get amazing deals such as free toppings, $1 off, combo deals

I'm definitely going to be going to this place a ton more now that I work down there almost everyday during the week ... score. I heart you Mamboberry!



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