Monday, June 22, 2009

San Francisco in a Nutshell

After having woken up at 4 am on Friday to catch our flight, we treated ourselves to an excellent brunch at Brenda's French Soul Food while we waited to check in at our hotel. I pretty much found all the restaurants we planned to eat at through Yelp, which is based in San Francisco. I think working for Yelp would be an ideal job for me ... hm ... I can see it now.

Anyway, Brenda's is supposed to be famous for their hearty breakfasts, especially their grits. But to be honest, what swept me off my feet was the biscuit! It was so fluffy/flaky/buttery/crumblinginyourfingers/meltinginyourmouth ... perfection of a biscuit. We were very pleased. :)

We decided to be touristy and go to Fisherman's Wharf ... which was actually kind of fun.

Anyone who knows me well knows I have a fascination with pigeons/seagulls/dead birds.

Mmm, fresh calamari.

Sea lions. So strange.

Then we head up to the Marina District ... pass through the Exploratorium and Crissy Park (what is that place?) ... and then hike up to Golden Gate Bridge ... on Kris's request. I was merely his slave. I probably burned more calories that day than I ate ...

Cold water!!

Still so far to go ...

The night ended with dinner at Sushi Zone in the Castro... it supposedly has the best sushi in SF and it's all reasonably priced. $5.50 for most rolls? Yes? And we saw Thao Nguyen there! We waited more than 2 hours but it was worth it. I recommended the Hawaiian Roll. Who knew macadamia nuts could taste so good on sushi?

Chinatown on Saturday after eating a decent lunch at R&G Chinese Restaurant and getting some BBQ Pork buns and Chinese style rice krispies. Yummy.

On the trolley down to Union Square for some shopping.

Dinner at Little Star in the Mission. Supposedly the best thin crust pizza? Seemed like most people were getting deep dish though. I think pizza in Austin is better. Buscemi @ Eastside Pies. Yes. And Conan's. Yes.

On the way to do some thrifting and eat lunch at Taqueria Can-Cun we see Frances Hotel! Yay. Then we head over to do some more shopping in the Haight Ashbury area ... no pictures oops. And then we got some excellent shabu with my cousins at Mr. Shabu ... which was mmm.

Vacation over.




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jen said...

ah! trip looked amazing-can't wait to catch up when i'm back in ATX