Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Your 3 Favorite Movies and a Praying Mantis

HEY. I've been so busy, I'm sorry. All work and no play, I'm serious. But then again work is play, hehe.

Currently, I'm listening to this ridiculous NPR recording for my advertising class. I have a test tomorrow. One thing I did learn in class is that... people like ads with animals. So, here's a picture of everybody's favorite cat, YEAH!

charlie is thinking about what he wants to make for dinner. tuna tartare? and maybe a cookie for dessert. okay this is getting creepy.

well you don't know creepy b/c what the fuck is this:

... but a praying mantis by La Tazza Fresca. duh. what else?

speaking of, they have yummy Tomato Basil Soup!


on the topic of food, i had my first "vegan" cake yesterday. ok it wasn't that big of a deal. vegans still eat funfetti, so it's all good. hehe. anyway it was super yummy. better than any cake i ever made.

i haven't felt like this in a long time. it's nice, i like it. :)


Sigh, so anyway the other half of the title of this blog... so if you do keep up with my posts, I'm really far behind on my movie-watching. I mean like everyone's favorite movies you know... if you think of one, I probably haven't seen it. What I have seen consists of like ... Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ... hm. SO, I'm asking you: WHAT ARE YOUR 3 FAVORITE MOVIES... So I can watch them... kthx!

picture from The River Flows East. it was cold.

"godzilla got kinda happy at some point... didn't he?" - my npr recording




jen said...

ok they may not be my ALL TIME FAVORTE top 3 or anything, but these are the ones i could think of right now:
1) high fidelity. duh.
2) i heart huckabees
3) in the mood for love

i'm behind on my movie watching as well...sigh :(

Anonymous said...

i'll give you one. watch the french film "Angel-A" by Luc Besson. Amazing. It's his latest one. (i think) I expect to do a blog posting on it soon.

Molo said...

American Psycho. Superbad. The Fountain.

christine marie said...

hmmm hard... but some of my loves -
1- eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
2- mulholland drive
3- the royal tenenbaums

also want to throw out high fidelity, american beauty, life aquatic, and the diving bell & the buttefly.

loves you franny!

Tiffany Diane said...

I can't say I have an actual 3 absolute favorite because there are just too many amazing movies... But three that I can honestly watch way more than once are:

Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Breakfast Club
The Virgin Suicides


Karinne said...