Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crickets at La Condesa.

The lovely Rachel Myhill treated some friends and I to a complimentary friends & family dinner at La Condesa, a Mexican restaurant opening Thursday on 2nd & Guadalupe right next to Lambert's. According to the Austin Business Journal, the 26-year-old chef/owner, Larry McGuire, of Lambert's is playing a large part in the opening of this restaurant... so I'm sure it will become a well-known Austin establishment in the near future. Anyway, there's a Dallas location in the snazzy Victory Park, but apparently this one's better. Well, I know I had a fabulous time... I love trying new things! And boy did I try new things, lol.

ANYWAY, this is what you really want to see/hear/taste I guess:

Chips & Salsa with Chipotle & Roasted Almond Guacamole
So yummy. I didn't taste the roasted almond, but I definitely felt the chipotle. The salsa isn't pictured but they had 3 different kinds. My favorite was the salsa verde. I think we all had a different favorite. So they all must be good.

Bebidas! The watermelon martini was yummy in my tummy. Good margaritas too.

I don't remember the names to these. The one on the left is Carnitas I believe. Very tender pork belly. It reminded me of this tender pork that us Asians eat and put in between soft buns. The one on the right is some kind of pork ribs. Realllly yummy. I loved the plaintains. They were good and spicy.

Crickets!! In a corn tortilla!! Covered in guacamole!! Ahh!!!

Before and after. Well more like during and after. Honest truth, it wasn't my favorite thing in the world. I mean, it didn't taste bad. I really have a serious mental block toward odd meats. Even duck freaks me out. IDK! But it was worth trying. I would try it if you have the chance! Nothing like some cricket legs floating around your mouth, mmm. Karinne's face is awesome, btw.

Rachel eating the crickets. Why is she so composed?

Dessert. On the left, a goat cheese cheesecake that had a much fancier name. On the right, a molten flourless chocolate cake topped with caramelized bananas and ice cream... that also had a fancier name. The chocolate was my favorite. The cheesecake was too cheesy for my taste.

I also didn't snap a good picture of the tostadas that we tried. There were two different versions, but I only tried one of them. It was a Tuna Tostada ... crispy tostadas topped with yellowfin tuna, pickled cucumber, crispy leek, and chipotle mayo. Mmm, I love chipotle mayo. Especially on a Mopac sandwich...

SIGH, ok. I love free food.

Anyway, I think I am finally going to try those vietnamese sandwiches this weekend. Very excited.

And also, if you still haven't seen Kittens Inspired by Kittens what are you waiting for?! God, best thing ever.

I'm going to start doing hw now... because I'm in school... ?!




Tiffany Diane said...

Ok, not the crickets, but everything else makes me sooo hungry. I ate at Maudie's with my friends yesterday because Urban Spoon told us to. It was okay, but definitely didn't look as decadent as the food in those photos. Maybe I'll go there someday.
Gotta love Tex/Mex, and Mexican.

Molo said...

awww yay i'm glad you're trying new things! haven't had crickets but i've had fried grasshopper. the legs definitely freak me out

Dani said...

you did not seriously eat crickets
please say thats a lie!!!!!!

Karinne said...

mine crunched.

christine marie said...

hehe i tried crickets in mexico! not my favorite thing ever... but this restaurant looks delish!

Tiffany Diane said...

did you see that?

frances said...

omg that's so exciting!!! ha haha.