Sunday, January 18, 2009

"There and Back Again" - A Tale by Franny Baggins

This is the last time I will be "coming back" for a long time, I think. Once again, I have returned from a weekend's stay in my homeland of DFW. And now I am here sitting on my yellow duvet. This is the real mark of the beginning of 2009, I think. School starts in 2 days and I don't know when I'll be back in Dallas. Although, I left my glasses there and my best friend. :(

I'm ready to feel uncomfortable again. I had this huge long talk with my mom. I think there are those who always want to feel comfortable. And I think there are those who seek to be uncomfortable, hence to make and find more comfort. I think I'm definitely the latter. I don't think I get along well with people who are always comfortable. Life is just too boring that way, in my opinion. But I don't even think I really take the time to judge them until the comfortables starts judging the uncomfortables... what am I getting at! I'm ready to feel uncomfortable again. And if you're not in for the ride, I'll have to move on, I think.


I went to Mozart's last week with Jen, Matt, and Kathryn. The weather was amazing and the sunset made for a very pretty picture. :) Did you know their iced tea is bottomless? Yerba Mate, mmm. We then caught Seven Pounds afterwards starring Will Smith. It hit me as a Crash-esque movie... but regarding organs. Haha?

Then, Karinne's 20th birthday commenced. We went to The Melting Pot, which was amazing. The Disarronno fondue, omg. Yes! And then karaoke, of course. More pictures can be found on my flickr.

And also, my dear friend Tari's 21st!! Which her birthday cake picture and Karinne's birthday picture somehow got double exposed on the same frame... weird and awesome. We went to Zenna in Richardson... and they did some crazy Chinese dragon dance with bongos when the clock struck midnight. Hahaha. And then a yummy dinner at Gloria's and of course, karaoke in the k-town. What else?!


This upcoming week is going to be awesome. Inauguration. They're giving away free make-up at department stores on Tuesday too! TV is back... with 24 and LOSTogmogaogomgomgomgg. 21st birthdays galore... I'm getting really poor! Blah!!

Le sigh. Anyone want to go to Flip Happy with me sometime?



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