Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hola Barcelona!

Barcelona was great for so many reasons.

The weather was amazing. It was definitely much nicer than the grayness of Paris and the dark clothes that people wear. You could tell how much it really affected their culture. The people were just more colorful and loud.

The city was gorgeous. Obviously. City, Beach, and Mountains all in one? Yes.

The food was amazing. I recommend the nachos at Princesa 23!!! I think it tasted so damn good because we were all dying for Mexican food... and this was the closest we found. Guacamole, I missed you. Plus, sangria sangria sangria sangria everywhere. I love sangria. I want to make sangria. I want to make love to sangria.

Sangria @ Princesa 23

Oh, and shopping? 5-story Zara? Yes.

The hostel was clean and cheap too. Which was a plus. And the walls were a nice blue. And we got to share the room with almost everyone in the group which was fun fun fun. :)

Oh and the beach? GORGEOUS. And get this... we all went topless for about 30 minutes. AHH!! And to tell the truth, it felt so much better. Girls here have huge nipples though, not going to lie. Pepperoni pizza.

Girls on la playa.

And partying? Get this. As if I don't point out what's AA enough of the time... we're looking for some other club... and give up because we can't find it. So we find this one... and they say that it's invitation only so we walk off and then they're like wait how may of you are there... so they let us in. And what do I see being projected onto the walls... but VICE magazine video montages... Haha. And I'm like... well well... wait til' I tell the people back home. And then we are like ... hm how much are the drinks... so we go look... and hello.. OPEN BAR!! yes!!! And I see a flyer... and it's for the party that we're at... and apparently it's for the opening of the American Apparel in Barcelona. LOL.

Party scene in Barcelona.

It was a great time had by all.

Le sigh.

And I went on a bike tour. Yeah I rode a bike for about 4 hours. Yes I did run into 2 people. But otherwise, it was so much fun! I want one now. Besides the fact that my crotch is majorly bruised.

Fat Tire Bike Tour.

Until next time.

<3 Frances

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Eric said...

wow looks like you're having fun. i'm jealous.