Friday, June 6, 2008


What up.

This lady outside is walking past our dorm with an abnormally large baguette. Like, the size of her body. Is that even still called a baguette?

Ah, the National is playing on my iTunes. They are definitely my favorite discovery this year, I think.

Hmm, a bunch of us went down near Napoleon's Pantheon and went to this bar called Bombardier. It was more like an English pub if anything. The one thing I've learned here is that alcohol is fucking expensive, shit!

Rachel, Meagan, and me at Bombardier

And seeing how I'm not the biggest fan of wine, well. Yeah. But we did get a couple bottles of wine for our room (though we're still lacking a corkscrew) and they're pretty cheap. Just a couple euro a piece. And then the metro stops running during the week at around 1:00 a.m. so you have to either walk quite a bit home or pay another couple euro for a taxi. Sucks baguettes. And then we hung out with some Frenchies.

We also went on a Paris by Night tour... and saw the major landmarks in central Paris... like The Eiffel Tower, all the major museums, and a million other things I can't remember, hahaha.

Rachel and I went searching for Notre Dame, but instead got sidetracked at Hotel de Ville where they were watching a huge tennis match (the French Open???) and stopped there for a bit.
French couple by the Hotel de Ville

Then we ended up at H&M... which actually was a bit disappointing!! I think I was a little hesitant because all my money is seriously being spent so much faster than I intended. And I feel like I'm doing better than a lot of people. Which is not a good thing.

Like we went to Gare de Lyon to book our train to Brussels/Amsterdam and it was like 115 Euro per person! And our hostel in Amsterdam is around $75 a night. Jesus. Our hostel in Barcelona is only around 68 Euro total... if we get there and don't miss our plane, eep.

But anyhow, we also went on a boat cruise down the River Seine and then hung out with our professor at this club in the Latin Quarter... called Georges Cafe.

Couple looking over the River Seine

Caramel Condoms @ Georges Cafe

All I can say is... wild. Hahaha. And then walked an hour home back to our dorms. Oh. And SPOTTED... ROGER FEDERER at a hotel by the Champs Elysees!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!

Rachel and I went to the Cemetiere de Pere Lachaise by our school yesterday. It is HUGE and gorgeous as well. We saw the tombs of Frederic Chopin, Gericault, Marcel Proust, Jim Morrison, Victor Noir (his was the best)... I don't even really know who he is or why he is famous... and a lot of other famous people. I also saw the fattest cat ever. It was like a miniature lion.

strange grave.

Fat Cat.

Last night was the Go! Team concert. AMAZING. I'll post pictures later.

This place is so interesting!! The high school kids all wear tight black jeans with bright tennis shoes and have American Apparel gym bags, no kidding. All of them. They're all yelling outside of my window right now. All the young people read on the metro. And when I mean read, I mean they read classic literature for fun. I love croissants with chocolate inside of them. :) I'm really poor. Fuck, I'm poor. French food is really bland. I'm sorry. Their wine is good, yes, but their food just really is far from spectacular. I do like cheese though. And all their desserts and breads. But there is just a lack of meat! I think that is the Texan coming out of me. Every now and then we'll have pasta, but ... that's Italian. Haha, but you never know. Perhaps I will change my mind. Dude but I did find these amazing cookies at the supermarche... like omg.

Ok, I should go nap now. The Louvre is free again tonight. And then I intend to go pop a bottle of champagne in front of the Eiffel Tower, no kidding. The Hills anyone?

<3 Frances

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