Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yogurt, I love you.

Last weekend, Hamidah was in town from Arlington and she and I went to Yogurt Planet at The Triangle on Lamar. This place is like a fake Pinkberry, but with more flavors. I'm sad Yogoberry closed down by Freebirds, but this one is definitely better.

Natural Yogurt Flavor with Captain Crunch, Raspberries,
Blackberries, and Oreo Crumbles. MMMM!!!!!

Hamidah with her Strawberry Yogurt and fruit

Danielle and I tried The Yogurt Spot underneath The Venue by UT. It was pretty good too. I stuck to my normal flavors and toppings, but they did not have Captain Crunch which is silly! But their Kiwi yogurt is really good and Dani's Cheesecake one was pretty amazing too.

I can not wait for Swirll to open next to American Apparel. I am hoping that it's all the same thing.

What is with this crazy yogurt thing?


Also, Klever is playing at Beauty Bar tomorrow.

I saw his flyer outside some dance party in a church in Amsterdam. Small world?


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