Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paper sharks.

I'm part of an event celebrating the Texas Union's 75th anniversary next week.
Me and my friends are in charge of the Gavin Degraw show, put on by the
Music & Entertainment Committee and the Texas Union.

The Union wanted to appeal to a different/wider range of students than the indie bands
and rappers we usually bring, so there you have it. Gavin Degraw, my friends.
One Tree Hill, I know you watch like 15 minutes of it after GG is over.
Which, by the way, this week was crazy?

Anyhow, please come and support us on the Main Mall on Thursday. :)
It would make my life.

Also, support the other events happening.
Monday: Margaret Cho
Tuesday: Maya Angelou
Wednesday: Diva Diction
Friday: Casino Night

All tickets are given out at the SEC office on the 4th floor of the Union.
Only 1 ticket per UT ID.

The Gavin show is free and will be on the Main Mall.
Think 40 Acres Fest.


Me, Jennifer, Chris, and Kathryn were supposed to enjoy a nice Restaurant Week meal
at The Woodland on Monday. But we go, and it's CLOSED. They're apparently closed on
Mondays and forgot to tell us... when we made the reservation? How fucked up is that.
Not to mention, their menu looked beyond amazing. beyond. amazing.

Someone please take me there so I can not be mad at them anymore.


Anyway, here's a photo from Karinne's film project... HAHA.
Eat your hearts out:



And, last lol of the night. I just got an e-mail from e-music... some music download company?
And the subject of the e-mail was: Recession Special! Get 75 songs for free!!


Love it.


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