Monday, September 15, 2008

Canvas Oxfords, Ratatat, THE FIFTH

Whilst in Paris this past summer, I spotted canvas oxford shoes that Parisian boys were sporting... and I managed to find a pair in Montmartre by Schmoove for my friend Kris... but I couldn't find a girls' version!

So, the other day I was at Shoe Pavilion because it's going out of business. And I found them!!! Of all places! I love them, they are my new babies.

So fresh.

Tonight was the sold out Ratatat show at Stubbs. It was pretty amazing. Their video graphics were awesome. I liked their haircuts. They played my favorite song, Montanita. :)

Finally, a new urban art gallery, THE FIFTH, has opened on E. 5th St. (no duh). I think their goal is to showcase hip-hop culture outside of music. Whatever their intentions are, I think this is so awesome and I want a friend to go with! Let me know if you are interested.