Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cool Kids.

The Cool Kids tonight.

It was pretty interesting in the fact that there was probably a million different kinds of people there. I was so surprised by how packed it was! It was pretty crazy. I think the second opening act was a little long, but DJ Mel was good. I think he played what everyone wanted to hear. I'm not sure if that's what his goal was, but hm. I saw some dancing that I wish I had never seen. Haha. And Zainab should never take 5 shots in 5 minutes ever again.

It was a fun night. I've been needing to clear my head. Not that I want to, but I guess if it has to happen... hm.

"Emotions are bubbling underneath the surface of your relationships and now is a great time to watch closely to see what's really going on. You may find that people are willing to talk openly later." ... Libra.

<3 Frances

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