Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bao zi.

My dad woke me up early today so we could go to Carrefour before we had to pick up my sister. Carrefour is a French supermarket. I didn't know that when I first came here last time, but after going to France ... I now know haha. Anyhow, it's HUGE. And beneath it is a humongous food court where I had some ok wontons and potstickers.

Little man and man toh.

Little man in lots of rice.

Anyway we got my sister and then headed downtown. We live in Pudong which means ... East ... of the Huang Pu River. And we had to cross the huge bridge to get to West Shanghai. Anddd... so we got to see all the tall buildings from the taxi window. As you can see, the tall building on the left is the Jin Mao Tower. The last time I came it was the tallest building in Shanghai. I think. Anyway. Obviously, now it isn't. It has been trumped by a huge bottle opener. HAHA. Anyway, the Japanese designed this new "tallest" building to look like two knives. But I think they were confused. But regardless, once it is finished, it will be the tallest building in the world... for probably a few months. I think they are building a taller one somewhere else. Probably in Dubai.

Then we headed to probably one of the nicest areas in Shanghai. It is right off Huaihai Road where the Chinese hid (for some reason ... I don't remember)... and one of the first Communist buildings/meeting places is there. It was a red building. Just thought I'd throw that in. But anyway, it's all been transformed into pretty much a nice pedestrian area where all the nice restaurants and shops are... fashioned much after the streets of Paris. For all of you in DFW, just think The Shops... ha. Most of the restaurants were not Asian and there were tons of foreigners there.

We visited our condo that we have which looks over this place. Nice, I guess. Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever live there... poo poo. But the kitchen is very cute.

And then we ate at one of the most famous bao zi restaurants. We go there everytime we're in Taipei. They are world famous for their bao zi (steamed pork buns) and their dumplings. In fact, named one of the Top 10 restaurants in the world, maybe? Anyway, now they have them all over the world ... one in Shanghai. But, of course, the original is in Taipei. It was yummyyy. I have tried to find a good bao zi place in Austin. I found one that is okay ... I think it's called Asia Cafe and it's in the back of a Chinese market ... but they aren't very juicy and the dough is still thick.

And tomorrow, we go to Beijing. Hoorayyy.

Little girl wearing CROCS, oh no. But it's ok because it looks cute on kids.

Sigh, until next time.


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