Sunday, November 16, 2008

How To Kill A Fruit Fly

There is a fruit fly infestation at my house.

Not only is there a fruit fly infestation, there are random dirty wads of kleenex hiding in between sofa seat pads, candy wrappers underneath couches, random particles of cereal stuck to my feet... I am about to kill an innocent child or a super cute and furry animal right about now... :)

while looking up ways to kill fruit flies... I found some interesting and creative ways to kill fruit flies that makes me wonder how anyone came up with these...

1. Hair dryer method

  • Locate the general area of the fruit flies and the nearest plug. Get a hair dryer.
  • Plug in the hair dryer, turn it on (preferably to full heat) and put the back end of the dryer near a hovering fly. It will be sucked in and fried by the hair dryer. This is fun and highly effective! Trying to blow at them with the hot air doesn't work well, but sucking them in like this does.

2. How-did-you-figure-this-out method...??

Combine 1 pint milk, 1/4 lb raw sugar and 2 ounces ground pepper in a saucepan and simmer for 8-10 minutes. Pour it in a shallow dish and watch the flies attack and consequently

3. Frances Lin Method

Buy a blowtorch and avada kedavra, you motherfuckers.




MONster said...

awww thanks love!

OH, there's also the "pennies in a jar of water" method... i don't know if that works for sure though but some people swear by it

Ari said...

A few other methods that I find very effective are:

Get a jar and put 3 ounces of vinegar and one ounce of dish detergent in it. They are very attracted to the vinegar and instantly get stuck in the soap. You can kill off a ton within an hour or so.


If you have any wine put a small amount in a jar and they will die pretty quickly.

I prefer the first method because it was the only way I was able to get rid of 100% of those damn critters.