Sunday, May 18, 2008

Better luck elsewhere?

Well, seeing how the karma gods have been raining down on me for the past two weeks, maybe it is about time i got my ass out of this place. Or just out of my car. (I was rear-ended, dented by hail, and pulled over for speeding ... [this is all from my car's point of view] ... in the past 2 weeks.)

So, obviously traveling by car isn't my best option these days. Perhaps, by plane!
Anyway, this blog has now been extended with purpose. Hoorah! Because at first, its future really just lied in the hands of the inevitable boredom I am sure to face when I come back from Paris ... but now I am going to Shanghai in late July! Sweet deal. And if my job doesn't "work" with this... then, perhaps I will find myself in the UK with Beth as well. :)

It is now less than 2 weeks until I leave. Still don't know where we're staying in Barcelona... But, there is a festival going on in Paris while I'm there... I think it's called Villette Sonique. And my roomie has decided to go with me to The Go! Team... yay! :)

Le sigh.
A month is a short/long time.

<3 Frances